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Using an email journal

Amazon WorkMail stores all email messages sent to a user in the specified organization and all email messages sent by users in that organization.

A copy of all email messages is sent to an address specified by the system administrator in a format journal record. This format is compatible with Microsoft e-mail programs. There are no additional charges for using the email journal.

Two email addresses are used for the email journal - one for the journal and one for the report. The journal email address is a dedicated mailbox or third-party device in your account to which journal reports are sent. The report email address is used to send messages about erroneous journal reports to the system administrator.

All journal entries are sent via an email address that is automatically added to your domain and has the following format:
There is no mailbox associated with this address (you cannot create one with this name or address).

Do not delete the following domain record from the Amazon Simple Email Service ( (Amazon SES) console or email journaling.
Each incoming or outgoing email message generates a journal record, regardless of the number of recipients or user groups. Emails for which a journal entry cannot be generated generate an error message that is sent to the email address for the report.

To enable the email journal

  • Open the Amazon WorkMail console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/workmail/.
  • For organizations, select the name of your organization.
  • On the Organization settings screen, click Journaling Settings, Edit and On.
  • Under Journaling email address, enter the email address provided by the email provider for the journal.
We recommend using a dedicated journal provider. Under Report email address, enter the email address of the administrator. Select Save. The changes are applied immediately.