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The login to the e-mail client on my mobile phone does not work.

Setting up a mobile e-mail client on a smartphone to retrieve e-mails on the move often fails. The cause is usually more trivial than suspected.

If the e-mail cannot be retrieved with the mobile phone, it is often because the access data is not correct. The desktop mail client was set up immediately after the domain was moved, the password written down on a piece of paper. And that's where the error occurred: a letter was forgotten, lower case instead of upper case, capital i instead of lower case L.

To rule out all other errors, try logging in with your access data via our web access to Workmail (webmail access). Call this up in your browser at the address: https://[alias].awsapps.com/mail. [alias] stands for your company. The correct address is then e.g.: https://meinUnternehmen.awsapps.com/mail.

If access does not work, ask your company's administrator to reset your password at https://workmail.blackbit.io/.

If access still does not work, the problem is actually with the settings. In this case, please contact our service with the information that you can log in via webmail.

By the way, Workmail offers an important service for mobile devices: Mails and calendars can be deleted if mobile devices are stolen or lost. In this case, however, you should change your passwords as soon as possible.