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Setting up an autoresponder

With an autoresponder, the mail server sends automatic replies to every incoming email.

Note: We advise against using autoresponders for holiday and out-of-office notifications. In this case, forwardings are the better solution: this way you maintain direct communication and do not put your customers off with waiting times. The fact that relevant employees are on holiday can then be quickly clarified.

This recommendation has another advantage: Since autoresponders also answer every incoming spam e-mail, they negatively affect the reputation of the mail server IPs. Unfortunately, blacklists such as SORBS quickly block individual IPs due to this procedure. In addition, providers such as T-Online use this list to protect incoming mail from spam.

If you would like to set up an automatic reply despite this, follow these instructions:

Settings for automatic replies

  1. In the Amazon WorkMail web client, select Settings (gear icon) from the menu bar.
  2. Select the Automatic response tab in the navigation pane to update the settings.
  3. Press the F5 key to update and activate the new settings.

On the Automatic Response tab, set whether you are "in the office" or "out of the office". Set the message that is automatically sent in response to incoming messages when you are out of the office. To prevent a user who sends you several emails per day from receiving a reply for each message, automatic replies are sent only once to a given email address. This also prevents email flooding if the person sending you the email message also has Automatic response enabled. If automatic response is enabled and you sign in to the Amazon WorkMail web client, an alert will display to remind you that automatic response is enabled. It will prompt you to disable the option.