How can I be notified when Pimcore-plug-ins/Bundles are updated or released?

This article contains a step-by-step guide of how you stay notified about updates of Blackbit’s Pimcore plug-ins/Bundles on different channels.

Firstly, all information regarding our Pimcore plug-ins /bundles like releases or updates can be found in the plug-in repository. 

In the following we provide you with a step-by-step guide which enables you to stay notified about any new developments of our Pimcore-products on different channels. 

This guide will work with the “Blackbit Data Director”-product as an example. 

How to stay notified on Bitbucket ? 

This Repository is only accessible for customers who have purchased the Access. 

Access can be purchased here:

  1. Go to the individual plug-in repository on bitbucket
  2. At the top right click on “Manage Notifications” 
  3. Activate “Pull Requests” 

How to stay notified on GitHub? 

Note: Changes on GitHub and the Pimcore marketplace are made synchronously, therefore we recommend to activate notifications on GitHub since it represents work environment for developers. We automatically inform you about changes and releases on GitHub via pull-requests. All backend-developers (internal+external) are mentioned in pull-requests. New pull-requests are created when new versions get released and list all changes. The pull-requests are only for notification purposes and not about code-review. 

  1. Go to the public plug-in repository on GitHub  
  2. At the top right click on “Watch”  
  3. Go to “Custom”  
  4. Activate “Releases” 

Now you will be notified about changes on GitHub. 

If you are interested in more detailed changes, you can search for them in the “” section in the repository of the respective product. 

How to stay notified via newsletter?  

If you have purchased our Data Director Bundle we will inform you about major changes via newsletter. We will inform you about changes to all other bundles via our blog at, which you can subscribe to via newsletter.