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Spam and virus protection

Blackbit WorkMail extends the spam and virus protection provided by Amazon WorkMail.

Amazon WorkMail scans all incoming and outgoing emails for spam, malware and viruses to protect you, the user, against harmful email. Various authentication methods also ensure that emails sent from your organization are not classified as spam.

For all mail domains, the protection techniques DKIM (domain keys), SPF and DMARC are applied by default. These are different, independent proofs that the emails originate from the WorkMail/SES servers.

In addition, Blackbit WorkMail has dedicated IP addresses registered for the eu-west-1 region. As a result, these IP addresses are much less likely to appear on blacklists as they are not affected by abusive use by other AWS customers.

These precautions mean that Blackbit is rarely partly responsible for your emails being placed in spam folders.