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Sending attachments

When sending an email, you can attach files from your hard drive or Amazon WorkDocs. You can also download email attachments to your hard drive or Amazon WorkDocs.

To attach a file, create an email message and then click Attach. If your IT administrator has authorized you for Amazon WorkDocs, you can add files from Amazon WorkDocs to messages and send them to other recipients.

To attach a file from Amazon WorkDocs.

  1. in the Amazon WorkMail Web App toolbar, click the New Email icon: + in the toolbar.
  2. Click Attach and navigate to the Amazon WorkDocs directory.
  3. Select the files to attach and click Attach Files.


  1. Maximum size of emails
    The total size of the attached files must not exceed 25 MB.
  2. Mail account size
    Including all messages sent to another user (this includes emails, meeting requests, meeting replies, task requests, and messages that are automatically forwarded or redirected as a result of a rule), the maximum size of a mail account is 50 GB.