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Sending an email to a sub-address

You can add a +tag to your Amazon WorkMail email address to filter incoming email messages. This is also called sub-addressing.

To send an email to a sub-address, add the + characters followed by a text string of your choice to the first part of your Amazon WorkMail email address. The following example shows how to send a +sales tag to a standard email address (jdoe@example.com) and convert it to a subaddress.

In the previous example, the recipient can use the +sales tag to filter the email messages sent to the sub-address. Amazon WorkMail recognizes text after the first + as a sub-address sign. If a sender uses a + tag that matches an existing email address in your organization, that email message will be sent to the existing email address. Amazon WorkMail allows + signs to both email addresses and sub-addresses.

You cannot send email messages from a sub-address. Instead, contact your administrator to create an alias for you. For more information, see Sending an e-mail from an alias.