2nd Pimcore Tutorial: Pimcore Data Director - Ways to Automate Imports and Exports

Tutorial about different ways of starting imports (and exports) with the Data Director bundle


Table of contents of this Pimcore tutorial:

00:00 Intro

03:12 Manual import via Pimcore backend buttons

10:41 Manual import via right-click on target folder or import source

13:56 Manual or automatical import (with cronjobs) via command line interface (CLI)

34:55 Automatical import via REST API

48:21 Automatical import when import source changes

52:04 Automatical import with dependent imports

At the time of the video recording the REST API used PImcore's Webservice API which gets removed with Pimcore X. We have rewritten the whole REST API including permission system, API keys (incl. time limits). So the Data Director is completely independent of Pimcore's Webservice API nowadays.